Reasons to Consider Cement Rendering For Your House

Cement rendering is one of the most favoured finishing techniques that can be performed on any structure, residential or commercial. The rendering mixture comprises of cement, lime and sand that is applied directly onto the walls of your building with the purpose of bolstering the structural integrity of the house. However, if you are not savvy with home improvement projects, you may not know what cement rendering is, let alone why you should deliberate on this process for your house. The following article highlight a few convincing reasons why you should consider cement rendering services for your house.

Increased energy savings

One of the biggest pros of choosing cement rendering for your house is the long-term savings you will make with improved energy efficiency in your home. The layer of cement that is rendered onto the walls helps with thermal loss and gain. Thus, no matter where you live in Australia, you can be assured of enhanced thermal relief for your home irrespective of the ambient climatic conditions. As a result, you do not have to be heavily reliant on artificial cooling and heating, which in turn steadily decreases the amount of money you spend on electricity costs.

Improved aesthetic appeal

While cement rendering functions to strengthen your walls, it does also help in enhancing their appeal, too. If your paint has started to look splotchy and faded, cement rendering eliminates the need to repaint as you can have dyes incorporated into the render to create beautiful designs on your walls. Moreover, you can also have the cement render textured, and this will add depth to your walls, giving them a unique aesthetic. And since cement rendering requires minimal maintenance, you do not have to consider re-doing the process prematurely as you would have to do with a paint job.

Escalated property value

Homeowners want to ensure that their property can fetch the best price in the real estate market. And whether you intend to re-sell your house or not, providing that it has a high property value will always be in your favour. Cement rendering heightens this value in a couple of ways. For starters, cement rendering updates the appearance of your home, which will make it stand out from the other houses in your neighbourhood. Secondly, the increased structural support that cement rendering provides ensures that your house will not succumb to premature wear. Therefore, if you want to bolster the purchase price of your residence, cement rendering is an ideal place to start.