Reasons to Apply Cement Render to Your Home

Brick houses can be quaint. However, they can look outdated and cluttered because of the grout lines riddling the external walls. If you want to update the facade, you could apply cement render to the building. Consider the following reasons to undertake such an upgrade.

Wall Protection

Cement render consists of sand, lime, and cement. Once applied to the walls, render protects bricks and mortar from the elements and crumbling away. The render will keep moisture off the walls as well. Rather than cement render, you could use acrylic render. This option is less likely to crack, and it will often last longer.

Energy-Efficient Home

Rendering the walls will also help to guard the indoors of your home from weather extremes. It blankets the house with an extra layer of insulation. As a result, you may be able to turn down the air conditioning and heating and save on energy bills. Lighter colours reflect more solar heat than darker shades, so bear this in mind when choosing the render colour.

Colour Options

Render covers a building in an attractive uniform finish, bringing it up to date. Different pigments can be added to the render mix. Alternatively, you can paint the surface once it's dried. Acrylic render can be ready to paint several days after its application. Cement render, on the other hand, may require 28 days before painting.

You'll have virtually endless colour choices for your house. Consider the roof and trim colour when choosing the external wall shade. Typically, it's best to contrast the roof and walls to give a visual spark to the kerb view. Otherwise, a building can look nondescript and boring. You'll also need to consider paving and the natural landscape when considering colours.

Modern Look

Cement rendering modernises a house with a sleek look. And it can combine with other materials. For example, the house may have a section with timber or metal cladding and another with cement render. Combining materials adds visual appeal. Contractors can also apply different techniques to the render to give it a smoother or rougher appearance, whichever you prefer.

Cement rendering services can also finish other elements, such as brick or block fencing or a retaining wall in the garden. Thus, you can create a beautiful kerb view. First impressions are crucial if you intend to sell your home, and cement rendering will be a massive improvement on old and crumbly bricks and mortar.