Asphalt Repair Tips

A well-maintained driveway is a sure way to improve your curb appeal and the value of your home. Homeowners often have to conduct regular asphalt maintenance and repairs to restore their driveway. Below is an extract with some asphalt repair insights. 

DIY Asphalt Repair and Maintenance 

Most homeowners do not know how to conduct asphalt repairs and maintenance to keep their driveways looking beautiful. For instance, you could clear the drainage around the driveway to prevent waterlogging during rainy days. Moreover, you could remove grass and weeds growing on the driveway. These plants could seem harmless at first. However, they are bound to crack the asphalt surface as they develop a more robust root system. Finally, you could use sealant to seal small cracks and potholes on the driveway. The rule is to ensure that you use approved asphalt. Besides, clean the surface before applying the sealant. Give the sealant adequate time to cure. Preferably, apply it during warm weather to speed up the curing process. 

Professional Asphalt Repair 

If you have neglected your driveway, it might have extensive cracks and deep potholes. In this case, you might not have the skill and resources needed to repair the asphalt. Therefore, hire an asphalt contractor to conduct repairs. Typically, the professional examines the driveway and develops a repair plan that guarantees durability. For instance, they may want to know the vehicles that use the driveway. If you own a heavy truck, it could be the cause of the damage. In this case, the contractor ensures that the new driveway can bear massive loads. In other cases, the damage on the driveway is caused by a poor-quality sub-base. If this is the case, the contractor scraps the asphalt and reinforces the asphalt before laying a new layer. 

Your driveway does not need a new layer if it does not have extensive damage. The contractor fills in the cracks and applies a patching compound to seal the potholes and cracks. In other cases, the contractor could suggest improvements to enhance the functionality of the driveway. For example, they could propose lane markings to ensure you have an easy time parking your cars on the driveway. 

Conduct due diligence to ensure you work with an experienced asphalt contractor. For example, you could ask for their portfolio or contact some of their customers to determine their expertise. Ask the asphalt contractor to give a warranty on the driveway. This way, you do not incur maintenance and repair costs if the installation develops deformities before the expiration of the warranty.  

For more information about asphalt repairs, contact a local company.