The Benefits Of Installing Natural Stone Tile Flooring In Your New Kitchen Extension

If you want to increase the size of the kitchen area of your home, or want to add an additional kitchen to a shared household, having a kitchen extension built on your property is a great way to expand your kitchen space and increase the value of your home without sacrificing any of your home's original floor space. However, choosing the right building materials is just as important in a kitchen extension as it is in a regular kitchen, and choosing a suitable flooring material for your kitchen extension is particularly important.

Natural stone tiles have been used as flooring in kitchens for centuries, but they remain one of the best options out there and are suitable for covering the floor of any new kitchen extension. Tiles made from travertine, marble, slate or other types of natural stone have significant advantages over other kitchen flooring options, such as ceramic tiles or linoleum, and while they may cost a little extra, these benefits make natural stone tiles an excellent investment for your kitchen extension.

What are the advantages of choosing natural stone tile flooring for my kitchen extension?

Incredible looks

When it comes to creating a kitchen floor that is both practical and very beautiful, natural stone tiles are hard to beat. The subtle variations in colour, texture and tone provided by natural stone tiles are impossible to replicate by artificial means, so every natural stone tile is completely unique, lending a real air of prestige and luxury to any kitchen extension. With so many different types of stone to choose from, you can find natural stone tiles in almost any colour or shade you can think of, making them perfect for complementing any kitchen design and colour scheme.

Excellent durability

Natural stone tiles are just as strong, durable and long-lasting as the rocks they were carved from, and high-quality natural stone tiles sourced from a reputable natural stone flooring supplier can be expected to last for decades. Natural stone tiles are particularly good at withstanding heavy foot traffic without wearing out and will endure heavy impacts from dropped pans and other objects without shattering, making them particularly useful as flooring for busy, multi-purpose kitchens.

Easy to maintain

A well-fitted natural stone tile floor requires very little maintenance, especially if you choose tiles made from a non-porous stone or use tiles that have been surface-sealed with epoxy resin or other sealants. A mop, bucket and soft brush are all you need to keep your tiles clean and attractive, and their immense durability means you won't be repairing or replacing damaged tiles very often.

Compatible with underfloor heating

Heating a new extension to your home can be a challenge, as the new space was not taken into account when your home's original heating system was installed. As such, many extensions are heated with independent underfloor heating systems, which are efficient and require very little space.

If you plan on keeping your kitchen extension warm using an underfloor heating system, choosing natural stone floor tiles will help make the new heating system more effective. Stone is an excellent heat conductor, and stone tiles will allow the heat created by your underfloor system to enter the kitchen quickly and reduce the amount of energy your heater uses.

To learn more, contact your local natural stone flooring supplier.