Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation: Everything You Need to Know

Foamed bitumen stabilisation is a process used to improve the strength and stability of soil for use in road construction, mining, and other applications. In this article, learn everything you need to know about foamed bitumen stabilisation. What Is Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation? Foamed bitumen stabilisation is a process that involves adding foamed bitumen to the soil to improve its strength and stability. Foamed bitumen is a mixture of bitumen and water that is mixed and then foamed to create a lightweight, stable substance.

Asphalt Repair Tips

A well-maintained driveway is a sure way to improve your curb appeal and the value of your home. Homeowners often have to conduct regular asphalt maintenance and repairs to restore their driveway. Below is an extract with some asphalt repair insights.  DIY Asphalt Repair and Maintenance  Most homeowners do not know how to conduct asphalt repairs and maintenance to keep their driveways looking beautiful. For instance, you could clear the drainage around the driveway to prevent waterlogging during rainy days.

Reasons to Apply Cement Render to Your Home

Brick houses can be quaint. However, they can look outdated and cluttered because of the grout lines riddling the external walls. If you want to update the facade, you could apply cement render to the building. Consider the following reasons to undertake such an upgrade. Wall Protection Cement render consists of sand, lime, and cement. Once applied to the walls, render protects bricks and mortar from the elements and crumbling away.

5 Benefits of Using Bluestones Pavers in the Landscape

Bluestone is igneous that is prized for its deep colour and attractive appearance. Although it is sometimes used as an interior flooring option, it is just as well suited for outdoor paving projects in the garden. The following are some of the benefits of using bluestone pavers in your landscaping.  1. Weather Resistance Bluestone can withstand nearly any type of weathering that it is exposed to. The stone itself is especially dense, which means it won't crack or erode due to weathering.

The Benefits Of Installing Natural Stone Tile Flooring In Your New Kitchen Extension

If you want to increase the size of the kitchen area of your home, or want to add an additional kitchen to a shared household, having a kitchen extension built on your property is a great way to expand your kitchen space and increase the value of your home without sacrificing any of your home's original floor space. However, choosing the right building materials is just as important in a kitchen extension as it is in a regular kitchen, and choosing a suitable flooring material for your kitchen extension is particularly important.